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Wendy’s Social Media Snark

Should You Mimic Wendy’s Social Media Snark?Wendys Tweet

Wendy’s fast-food chain has been the darling of the Twitter world this week. After a particularly salty reply (see what I did there?) to a troller, citizens of the Twittersphere have been begging Wendy’s to roast them, write their bios, throw memes at them, and respond to random questions — which Wendy’s is actually doing with humor and sass while still keeping up with its customer service and marketing duties.

We’ve written recently about how important it is to inject personality into your social media marketing. People want to know there are actual human beings behind the posts they see, and respond better to fresh, custom-created content. Dry marketing content is just boring, so the more you can let your personality shine through, the better.

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