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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 7

xmas tree recyclingTechnically, we have entered the actual 12 Days of Christmas and I have until January 6th to pop out the next six 12 Days blogs. But let’s be honest, once Christmas Day has passed, all the pomp and circumstance of the season is pretty much over. So maybe the metaphor is tired now. Too bad. I’m still committed to bringing you twelve varieties of digital marketing that aren’t Facebook. We’ll just dispense with the theme, and I’ll speed it up a bit.

Oh, whatever.

Oh, whatever.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, D. Cohn said to me, consider a social network that caters to your specialty.

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Managing Social Media Chaos

The following piece was originally published in our “What’s Up In Social Media with D.” column at

A Little Bit of Chaos

Q: I recently took a position where I was put in charge of managing my company’s social media accounts. But each department is responsible for making its own posts, and everyone posts whatever they want, whenever they want. It’s been that way since before I took the position. So our social media is kind of a mess. Our Facebook updates are set to automatically post to Twitter, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing. At some point, someone claimed our Google+ page, but I don’t know who, I don’t have the password, and I can’t make any posts. Do you have any advice about how to fix accounts that are already a mess?

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Smart Technology Requires a Responsive Website

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Your Business.

Your Business who?

Your Business who lost yet another lead because its website still doesn’t work properly on mobile devices.

Mr Bean

Even Mr. Bean Knows

You may delay but time will not.      — Ben Franklin

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Bueller? Bueller?

dcohn_logoIt may look like we vanished, but no! While our webpage was in transition, we didn’t write many new blog posts — you wouldn’t have been able to see them anyway! We didn’t stop writing about social media and marketing, though. If you have a gander at, you’ll see we write a column called “What’s Up In Social Media with D.?” Any wisdom we’ve been dispensing has been published there. Now that the blog is back, you can expect both! Thank you to Ideas In Motion Media for giving us the opportunity to write such a fun column.

In the meantime, we’ve also added a few professionals to our arsenal of whiz kids. Expect more blogs from Cassie Boehlke and Kristen Sheldon, along with updates about our publications on and around the web.

Thanks for visiting! Drop us an email or a call anytime.

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Living the Good Life

The Good Life Awards

Amy Burton, Chris Mahlmann, and Rob Thorgren

Today I simply offer my recap of the Second Annual Good LIFE Awards, published on “Living the Good Life.” Enjoy.

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