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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 2

The Twelve Days of Digital Marketing: Day Two

Over the next few weeks, we’re looking at 12 digital marketing tools other than Facebook. We’ve got this 12 Days of Christmas theme going, because it seemed like an amusing way to tackle what is frankly, kind of a dry subject. I mean, how do you make Instagram sexy?

With a big juicy pink heart.

So, on the Second Day of Digital Marketing, D. Cohn said to me, Two Turtle Doves (which make amazing Instagram pics.)

TurtledovesIf you’ve never used Instagram, it’s a photo/video app for your smartphone that comes with built in editing tools and filters. This lets you easily turn photos and 15 second videos into works of photographic genius. Your pics of the pet turtle doves you got for Christmas have never looked sweeter.

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