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March 2015 D Cohn Communications Newsletter

Spring Seminars

So much Social Media to talk about!

Our latest newsletter is out, including the details about our upcoming Spring Seminars — Using Social Media for the Hiring Process and Intro to Facebook Marketing. Take a look here.

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Social Media Marketing Basics Presentation

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the Social Media Basics Seminar, and thank you to Regional Federal Credit Union in Valparaiso for hosting it. Thank you also to Blackbird Cafe for the delicious lunch, and to Jesse Cohn. If you missed the presentation, you’ll find a link to the slide show below, but you’ll have missed my dancing. Nothing can replace that.


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Free Seminar: The Basics of Social Media Marketing

Social Media SeminarDarlene McCarty Cohn explains the basics of a successful social media marketing plan in a free lunchtime seminar at REGIONAL Federal Credit Union’s Valparaiso office.

She’ll address the most common questions asked by businesses considering a social media marketing campaign for the first time.
• Doesn’t social media just mean Facebook and Twitter?
• How do we know which social media options are right for our organization?
• Why should my business spend time and money on social media marketing?
• How do we know if it’s working?
• Where do we get started?
• How do we find more information?

There’ll be plenty of time for more questions and discussion throughout the seminar.

This seminar is free and open to the public. Refreshments from Blackbird Café will be served. Attendance is limited, and reserved on a first come, first served basis. Please RSVP to Darlene McCarty Cohn at (219)309-9726 or

REGIONAL Federal Credit Union
Valparaiso Office
2801 Boilermaker Ct. 
Valparaiso, IN 46383

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Christmas !&%@(?

I keep telling people, “It’s not rocket science,” but so far, all I get in return are amused smiles. Successful social marketing can be very simple, but it comes with some preparation. Social marketing is time consuming. It’s resource consuming.  And yes, someone like me comes into the room with a good bit of research, education and experience under her belt. That doesn’t make it hard for you —which is why you should attend my seminar on August 13th. Find out just what you can do to get a basic social marketing plan together.

What social marketing does require is planning, which is something most people do beautifully for their business but sort of forget to work into their marketing. For example, a client of mine knew that a large event was happening outside their place of business. This was an event that their business stood to make a fair amount of money from. They were prepared in many ways, but they never thought to put any information about their involvement online. There was no mention of the event on their Facebook page or blog, no information about special hours or special offerings, and no sharing of statuses with the organizers or other vendors. What a missed opportunity!

Someone needs to be minding the social marketing shop, so to speak. If you have not hired an outside firm such as ours to manage your social marketing for you, ask if you have you designated someone within your organization who is comfortable with the major social marketing tools. He or she should be able to use social marketing not only to promote the everyday, but someone who can also look ahead and plan for the coming months.

Merry Christmas

Is anyone in your organization thinking Christmas marketing strategy yet? Why not?

And on that cheerful note, have a lovely evening! See you at noon on August 13th!


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