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Better Social Media in One Week


“I just don’t have time to do social media.” If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this phrase, well, we wouldn’t have to be in business any more. But we are here to help just those types of business people. We do understand that many small businesses can’t afford to hire a social media manager, which is one of the reasons we are passionate about educating anyone who is willing to learn. (That, and both Darlene and I have worked in education in past lives, so it kind of comes naturally.) While good social media marketing will absolutely take time and effort, I’m here to let you know that you can make a real difference in your marketing efforts with just 20 minutes a day. With my plan, your social media marketing will be much improved in just one work week. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

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Do I Need Video on Social Media?

Hello from D. Cohn Communications! We’d like to share with you a column first published on Do I Need Video on Social Media? Video posts are on everyone’s mind and the hottest new content option, but you shouldn’t jump in just for the sake of having video. Be intentional about it. Enjoy!

Q: I’ve been hearing that video is now crucial to social media marketing, but I’m not sure how to do it. Do I really need it?
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12 Days of Digital Marketing: Pinterest

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day 8, Pinterest

Well, we’re way beyond the 12 Days of Christmas, and I don’t know about you, but I’m fine with that. I haven’t given up on my basic blog concept here, though, so stick with me. I am outlining 12 different digital marketing options that are not Facebook. It’s a noble cause, and I’m up to the challenge. Onto Day 8: Pinterest.

Pinterest_Logo_RedA fun fact about Pinterest: It has a uniquely specific demographic. According to the blog Digital Marketing Ramblings, over 70 Million people use Pinterest. And as this infographic from alight shows, Pinners are largely adult women – 80% of Pinners are female, and over 50% of those women are between 25-44 years of age. That is a powerful spending market.

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Jargon, Buzzwords, and Slang

33 Social Media Buzzwords You Should Know

There are literally thousands of terms, phrases and buzzwords related to the digital marketing and social media industries. With new platforms coming out every day, bringing even more jargon with them, we decided to look into our crystal ball. Do you know what we saw in the future? We saw oceans of eyes glazing over… eyes of business owners… eyes of consumers… eyes of those inflicted with internet addiction… eyes belonging to people who have just discovered the “poke” button on Facebook. Many, many, many eyes.

Naturally, we had to do something… and this is it.

This post contains the definitions for 33 pieces of the jargon that will render your eyes – and your brand’s capacity to effectively reach your leads and customers online – permanently useless should they go on undefined and misunderstood.

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