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Five Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Social Marketing

Sabotaging Your Social Marketing

Search for advice about running a social marketing campaign, and you’ll find countless blogs, articles, videos, and white papers offering wisdom. The enormous body of work that’s been created about the topic can lead new marketers and business owners feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Nonetheless, they jump in and try to do their best. Here are 5 mistakes we often see novice marketers making which can sabotage their social marketing efforts.

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Four Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

Four of the Most Common Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

Despite the fact that social media marketing is everywhere, some misconceptions about it linger. Experience tells us that our clients are still confused about some of these points, and we’d like to help set the record straight.

It’s Free

While it’s true that social media accounts are free, most social media platforms have recognized the economic value of social media marketing and have tweaked their algorithms to encourage businesses and organizations to pay for decent exposure.

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5 2017 Social Media Marketing Resolutions

5 Social Media Marketing Resolutions for 20172017 social media marketing

Bucking the already tired trend, I’m going to skip the usual 2017 Social Media Marketing Predictions article and focus a little more closely on this week: 5 Social Media Marketing Resolutions to Make for 2017. Just like cutting down on sugar and working out more often, these are things we know we should be doing, but maybe haven’t gotten around to yet. No time like the present to start the New Year off right.

  1. Create a Social Media Use Policy for your company or organization.
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Do I Need Video on Social Media?

Hello from D. Cohn Communications! We’d like to share with you a column first published on Do I Need Video on Social Media? Video posts are on everyone’s mind and the hottest new content option, but you shouldn’t jump in just for the sake of having video. Be intentional about it. Enjoy!

Q: I’ve been hearing that video is now crucial to social media marketing, but I’m not sure how to do it. Do I really need it?
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Successful Social Media Campaigns

What Does A Successful Social Media Campaign Look Like?

Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s Not More Likes.

Believe it or not, getting new followers on social media is relatively easy. On Facebook, you simply pay a small amount to promote your page and bingo! New Likes. On other platforms, you work your networking, you promote yourself, you put out new posts, you follow others and interact with them, and, boom, the followers come pretty fluidly. People like to believe that a social media account with lots of followers or Likes must be successful, but that’s not necessarily the case. Just because a personal trainer has 8,000 social media followers does not mean she’s reaching 8,000 people with her posts.

What it is: More Engagement.

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Social Media and Job Searching

Social Media and Job Searching

Today’s a big day. It is the day that I, Brianna Reeves, write my first blog for D. Cohn Communications. When brainstorming ideas for a topic, a myriad of thoughts came to mind: ninjas, kittens, llamas, ninja kittens chasing llamas. Unfortunately, none of these topics have much to do with social media, although the need to create a ninja-kitten-chasing-llamas meme is strong right now. I digress…

jobsearchBeing a young professional, there are two things I know to be true. 1. Social media is an all-encompassing being that permeates every aspect of one’s life. 2. It can be really hard to find a job. So, with my knowledge in social media management and human resources, I give you this: Bri’s Top Tips for Using Social Media to Aid in Your Job Search. Yes, the title needs some work, but hear me out on what I believe are the most important aspects of job searching in the social-media-centric world in which we live.

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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 5

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day 5

Five Golden Rings: or LinkedIn Company Pages

Welcome back to the 12 Days of Digital Marketing, in which we rather quirkily pair up 12 alternatives to Facebook marketing with the 12 Days of Christmas. Today’s installment examines the 5 Golden Rings of digital marketing, LinkedIn.

When comedian Eddie Izzard describes the Twelve Days of Christmas song in his standup video Dress to Kill, he maintains that the only phrase anyone remembers from the song is “Five Gold Rings!”Eddie Izzard Five Gold Rings

“12 monkeys mating, 11 donkeys dancing, 10 pygmies farming, 9 socks a-swimming, 5 gold rings…”

He may have a point.

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What Is Social Media Account Maintenance?

D. Cohn Communications’ most popular service is social media account maintenance, and yet that term is vague enough that it requires explanation. You may be asking, why do I need social marketing, and how does it work?

digital-marketing-mixBy social media marketing, we are referring to using Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages, blogs, and many other social media options to improve your visibility on the Internet and gather engaged customers.

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LinkedIn for Social Marketing

LinkedInOne of the least understood options for social media marketing is LinkedIn. We know LinkedIn as a place for professionals to showcase their individual talents and experiences, to network with other professionals, and to find jobs. How do those options translate into successful marketing opportunities for businesses?

Just as with any marketing campaign, owners should create their LinkedIn Company Pages with its specific audience in mind. As with any social marketing campaign, the goal is to foster meaningful relationships that inspire brand loyalty and sales. So when you create your LinkedIn Company Page, you are working to establish your company as an industry leader while at the same time encouraging LinkedIn’s business-minded users to actively engage with your company.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your company’s LinkedIn page:

  • Refer to LinkedIn’s excellent guides when creating your Company Page. They are helpful and make Page set up easy.
  • Make sure your Company Page’s profile is complete. Fill in as many fields as possible using search-friendly keywords.
  • Provide high-definition, properly-sized images, usually of your company logo.
  • Add separate “Products and Services” tabs for each of your company’s primary offerings. Describe what your business offers using search-friendly keywords. You can add documents, photos, or YouTube videos to these tabs as well.
  • Use your Company Page to post relevant content about your company and about your industry. Remember, your goal is to engage your followers, so post material designed to capture their attention and encourage conversation. Ask them to respond with their ideas, experiences, and expertise.
  • Just as with other social media services, LinkedIn requires interaction. Posting your own material is not enough. Take the time to read, like, comment, and share your followers’ posts, and they will reciprocate. Take the time to say thank you for any recommendations your company receives, and recommend other companies you follow.
  • Become an active participant in LinkedIn groups. Find groups using the advanced search options. Your posts and comments in these forums will draw attention to your personal profile as well as your Company Page.
  • Don’t forget to integrate your company’s LinkedIn page with your other online resources: add a link to it on your website, newsletters, blogs, and in your email signature. You can promote your LinkedIn page further on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages by adding posts to those streams that link back to your LinkedIn content.

Have more in-depth questions about using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, or want to chat about social marketing in general? Feel free to contact me at (219) 309-9726 or You can find D. Cohn Communications on the web at,,, and

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