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Should I Pay For A Boost?

Social media works as a marketing tool because it encourages Engagement. Engagement means real interactions – clicks, comments, Likes, Shares, Favorites, Retweets, +1s, etc. Without Engagement, your posts are flying out into the universe, but no one cares about them. If no one cares what you’re saying, your marketing strategy isn’t working. The whole point is to get people talking about your product and organization.

Pay-Key-As I wrote about in an earlier column for, many business and organization owners became very frustrated with Facebook earlier this year because they had many Likes on their page, but their Reach and Engagement virtually disappeared. Why did this happen? As I explained there, “It’s not your Page Likes that matter on Facebook; it’s how many people are Talking About You.” Facebook claimed they were encouraging “quality content” and minimizing spam. Facebook also had another motive. It wanted to encourage organizations to pay to promote their Pages and Posts. To do this, they modified the algorithm that displays posts in users’ feeds, and currently, it really doesn’t matter how many Likes your page has. Facebook still awards the organizations that have high engagement with more views, and penalizes those that don’t. It also gives preference to those that pay.

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