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12 Days of Digital Media Day 3

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day Three

800px-Faverolles_cock_and_hen_close-upConsider the French Hen of legend, purported to be the lovely Faverolles. It’s showy. Such plumage! It’s often raised as a pet. That said, it’s also apparently an excellent “table bird” and prolific “layer.” Yum.

Now let’s imagine, for a moment, that inspired by the lyrics of our favorite Christmas song, you and two of your friends get a hankering for a French chicken dish, expertly prepared. Where do you three turn to find the best coq au vin in your town?, of course. If you’re using a smartphone (and you probably are,) you’ll check out the Yelp app. There you can find all the French restaurants near you, select a good one based on the reviews left by previous diners, look over the menu, see photographs of the food and restaurant, and call for reservations.

On the third day of Christmas, D. Cohn said to me, claim your Yelp page already.

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