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Our 2018 Content Marketing Resolutions

2018 Content Marketing Resolutions

Last year, I purposely ducked the annual “Social Media Predictions” article, because frankly, they all say more or less the same thing. (Video. AI. Storytelling. Micro-Influencers. Customization. Blah blah blah.) Where’s the fun in that? Instead I shared some resolutions that businesses and organizations should consider for improving their digital marketing efforts in 2017.

This year, I’m going to take a look in the mirror and share my personal goals. Maybe my resolutions will resonate with you. Maybe it will be comforting to know that a digital marketing company struggles with the same things you do. Maybe you’re outpacing us – if so, rock on!

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Help, My Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

Shelp beatles album coverocial media marketing sounds easy, but it’s not. Everyone knows it’s necessary, which is why everyone from international corporations to the corner barber shop has social media accounts. But not everyone is sure WHY it’s necessary. What exactly is a Facebook page supposed to be doing for your business? What good will come of keeping a Twitter account?

Your social media marketing should absolutely be helping you generate business. There are ways to track this. If your social media marketing isn’t generating business for you, it’s time to take a hard look at your strategy and perhaps call in experts.

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The Role of Followers in Social Media Marketing

The Role of the Follower in Creating a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

You have social media accounts for your business or organization that need to be updated. Your company signed up for these accounts believing that “everyone else is doing it” and “it’s free, so we should be taking advantage of it.” But perhaps your company never stopped to think about how a social media marketing campaign would fit in with your traditional marketing strategy. Perhaps it never crafted a strategy for your social marketing at all.

Now you’re posting to your social media accounts but getting little response. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter don’t make it any easier. If you don’t get an initial response from fans, your post will essentially disappear and not show up in anyone’s news feed. To make matters worse, the longer that goes on, the less likely your future posts are to show up in news feeds. It’s a cycle that some organizations get caught in and they’re not sure how to get out of. How does one create posts that your followers will respond to and how do you get followers in the first place?

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Should I Pay For A Boost?

Social media works as a marketing tool because it encourages Engagement. Engagement means real interactions – clicks, comments, Likes, Shares, Favorites, Retweets, +1s, etc. Without Engagement, your posts are flying out into the universe, but no one cares about them. If no one cares what you’re saying, your marketing strategy isn’t working. The whole point is to get people talking about your product and organization.

Pay-Key-As I wrote about in an earlier column for, many business and organization owners became very frustrated with Facebook earlier this year because they had many Likes on their page, but their Reach and Engagement virtually disappeared. Why did this happen? As I explained there, “It’s not your Page Likes that matter on Facebook; it’s how many people are Talking About You.” Facebook claimed they were encouraging “quality content” and minimizing spam. Facebook also had another motive. It wanted to encourage organizations to pay to promote their Pages and Posts. To do this, they modified the algorithm that displays posts in users’ feeds, and currently, it really doesn’t matter how many Likes your page has. Facebook still awards the organizations that have high engagement with more views, and penalizes those that don’t. It also gives preference to those that pay.

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