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You Also Need Magic

You also need magic

In my five years in digital media, I’ve seen many dismal websites, ineptly created social media accounts, and embarrassingly bad posts – even from marketing firms who ought to know better. Our job at D. Cohn Communications, obviously, is to try and help businesses fix these problems. The sticky point is that many businesses don’t realize just how disappointing their digital media is and don’t even realize they need help. “Disappointing to whom?” you may ask. Disappointing to their customers and potential customers – the only people who matter. Those people are looking for magic, and we’re giving them boring.

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Five Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Social Marketing

Sabotaging Your Social Marketing

Search for advice about running a social marketing campaign, and you’ll find countless blogs, articles, videos, and white papers offering wisdom. The enormous body of work that’s been created about the topic can lead new marketers and business owners feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Nonetheless, they jump in and try to do their best. Here are 5 mistakes we often see novice marketers making which can sabotage their social marketing efforts.

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Handling Online Complaints

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is the ability to conduct a conversation with your audience. You can reach out to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days year, and they can do the same. That being said, your company is now also open to receiving complaints at all hours of the day (and night). While some may look at this as a drawback to social media marketing, we see it as a unique way for your business provide excellent customer service and engage with your audience in a way that is impossible with more traditional forms of marketing. How you handle this negative feedback, however, is crucial to your success and must be handled with care. To learn how to make the most out of a bad situation, keep reading.

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Managing Change

Managing Change with Social Media

Change is bound to happen in your organization. Whether it’s small changes, like a new employee or a new menu item, or big changes, such as a total restructuring of your business, change is an inevitable and unavoidable aspect of business (and life, for that matter). Tons of books have been written and research has been done by organizational psychologists and business experts on the the topic of change management. (See John Kotter’s book, Leading Change, for my personal favorite.) What you might not find in most of the literature, however, is how to manage your social media accounts during these changes. No need to read a whole book or find as many peer reviewed articles as you can on the subject. We’re here to give you a quick guide on getting the most out of your social media while undergoing organizational changes.

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Help, My Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

Shelp beatles album coverocial media marketing sounds easy, but it’s not. Everyone knows it’s necessary, which is why everyone from international corporations to the corner barber shop has social media accounts. But not everyone is sure WHY it’s necessary. What exactly is a Facebook page supposed to be doing for your business? What good will come of keeping a Twitter account?

Your social media marketing should absolutely be helping you generate business. There are ways to track this. If your social media marketing isn’t generating business for you, it’s time to take a hard look at your strategy and perhaps call in experts.

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Why Talent Matters in Social Marketing

Why Talent Matters In Social Marketing

sun-451441_640I have this saying – I may have even written this here before – “You wouldn’t hire your sixteen-year-old son to design your billboard, so why would you trust him with your social marketing?” I am assuming, of course, that your sixteen-year-old son is not a talented graphic designer, which is completely possible. Still, the point is that you wouldn’t trust your average teenager with branding your business, so it doesn’t make sense to trust them with branding your business over and over again, on a daily basis, on the internet.

The same point holds true when hiring a digital marketing company. You wouldn’t hire a second-rate design company who produces shoddy work to create your billboard, so why would you hire a second-rate firm to create your social media content, again and again, on a daily basis, on the internet?

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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 9



Who’s ready for more Christmas? Yeah. Neither are we. We’ve only just gotten around to accepting the inevitable approach of Valentine’s Day. But those 12 Days of Christmas blogs are waiting to be finished up. Luckily, they were only tangentially connected to the song in the first place. Our original idea, to profile 12 ways businesses can use platforms other than Facebook for their digital marketing, is still relevant.

So here’s number 9: Blogging

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12 Days of Digital Marketing: Pinterest

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day 8, Pinterest

Well, we’re way beyond the 12 Days of Christmas, and I don’t know about you, but I’m fine with that. I haven’t given up on my basic blog concept here, though, so stick with me. I am outlining 12 different digital marketing options that are not Facebook. It’s a noble cause, and I’m up to the challenge. Onto Day 8: Pinterest.

Pinterest_Logo_RedA fun fact about Pinterest: It has a uniquely specific demographic. According to the blog Digital Marketing Ramblings, over 70 Million people use Pinterest. And as this infographic from alight shows, Pinners are largely adult women – 80% of Pinners are female, and over 50% of those women are between 25-44 years of age. That is a powerful spending market.

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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 7

xmas tree recyclingTechnically, we have entered the actual 12 Days of Christmas and I have until January 6th to pop out the next six 12 Days blogs. But let’s be honest, once Christmas Day has passed, all the pomp and circumstance of the season is pretty much over. So maybe the metaphor is tired now. Too bad. I’m still committed to bringing you twelve varieties of digital marketing that aren’t Facebook. We’ll just dispense with the theme, and I’ll speed it up a bit.

Oh, whatever.

Oh, whatever.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, D. Cohn said to me, consider a social network that caters to your specialty.

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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 6

Christmas_Goose_II-7212 Days of Digital Marketing

Day 6: YouTube

Tired of Facebook? We hear you. But don’t despair, there are many other social marketing platforms you may not have considered. Wondering which are right for you? We’ll describe at least as many options as there are Days of Christmas. Welcome to Day 6, and check out our entire 12 Days blog series. Keep watching as we reveal more leading up to the holidays.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, things start to get a little surreal. We’re still working the bird theme, but I’m no farmer. I have nowhere to put Six Geese A’Laying. I get that fresh eggs are a mighty nice thing, but unless I build a fancy coop, all that egg-laying happening in my lawn is going to get messy. I’m not even sure zoning laws will allow it, and I’m positive I can’t use all those eggs. There’s only so many omelets a girl can eat. I’d be giving away eggs to everyone I meet. So thanks anyway. Skip the geese and just get me a dozen eggs instead. Pop a bow on the carton. Or better yet, stick with the fine jewelry. (Props for Day 5.)egg

As I strain this metaphor to its breaking point, though, I will say that 6 people landing on your digital content, laying down comments, and sharing it with their friends is a very good gift indeed. And just as six geese may quickly turn out dozens of new baby geese, your 6 original fans will quickly turn into many more if you’ve got interesting content to share. Nothing is more engaging for Internet fans than video.

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