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Who Handles Your Social Media Crisis

The Dreaded Social Media Crisis

This piece was originally posted on, but I think it’s important enough to merit reposting here. name_logo300

It doesn’t take much to start a social media firestorm: one of your employees says something out of line to a customer, and that customer posts it to Facebook or Twitter, or both. One shoddy product. One lost order. One exhausted manager vs. one angry client. One cruel Tweet by an angry ex-employee. Let’s face it, a bad P.R. moment taken to social media can put you out of business, or worse, bring on lawsuits.

As I’ve written before, when things go viral, it’s generally because of something unpleasant, not because of kittens. Social media is a fantastic way to market your business, but let’s face it, if things get ugly, it can be your undoing. You won’t just get negative comments from your angry customers, but from their friends, their cousins across the country, and once that momentum starts, you’ll get angry responses from anyone else who has ever even heard of you. On social media, there are no rules about being civilized, and I have seen perfectly nice people say frankly monstrous things.

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