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Keep Control of Your Brand on Social Media

There used to be a saying, “When customers are happy, they’ll tell their friends. When they’re unhappy, they’ll tell everybody.” Thanks to social media, those “friends” just happen to be the 500 people on your customer’s Facebook list or Twitter feed. Deliver a great product, and you’ve just earned 500 public pats on the back. Well done! On the flip side, “everybody” is their friends, and those friends’ friends, and those friends’ friends’ friends, and so on. As I’ve mentioned before – it’s rarely a good thing when something goes viral on the Internet.

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Darlene McCarty Cohn is Not a Guru

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Not Darlene McCarty Cohn

Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate: I am not a Social Media Guru. I’m not a rock star either, but I’d be okay with the fast cars. I’m definitely not a swami. I am simply Darlene McCarty Cohn: writer, marketer, and educator. I’m good with that. “Guru” is a little too high-maintenance for me.

There’s nothing any more mysterious about digital marketing than about any other kind of marketing. But those of us in the field like to talk about “branding,” and if you’re in a shiny new industry where you get to make up your own title, well, why not brand yourself a guru? Beats “Chatter Monkey.”

Personally, I’d rather skip the pretentious title and just get to work. So here’s mine: D. Cohn Communications does social marketing management. In other words, I’m an organized, flexible writer who is good with computers. That’s a bit much to fit on a business card, though.

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