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Biting the Blogging Bullet

This morning, we offer yet another insightful blog from the  indefatigable Cassandra Boehlke, this time explaining why blogging is good for you. Yes. YOU. Take it away Cassie:

Howdy, folks! It’s a beautiful day in our corner of the digital neighborhood and it got us thinking of you, our friends. We are friends, right? Cool. Friends are honest with each other so we’ve decided that it’s time to tell you something we’ve been noticing. Ready? You know that face you made – or perhaps still make – when you were floundering in a sea of social media and digital marketing stuff that you didn’t understand? You’d been hearing that it was important for your business to “have a presence”online but didn’t know what the heck you were doing and didn’t have time to figure it all out. You just wanted to focus on making your business more awesome. This was that face:

It’s the same face your potential customers make when they are trying to find information Grumpy Manabout you on the web but:

  • They can’t find anything
  • They can only find your social media pages, which they can’t access without logging into an account for said social media site(s) that they may not even have
  • While they were able to find your website, they only found generalized – or worse: outdated – information about your company, such as your mission statement, a summary of your products and services, etc.
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