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Biting the Blogging Bullet

This morning, we offer yet another insightful blog from the  indefatigable Cassandra Boehlke, this time explaining why blogging is good for you. Yes. YOU. Take it away Cassie:

Howdy, folks! It’s a beautiful day in our corner of the digital neighborhood and it got us thinking of you, our friends. We are friends, right? Cool. Friends are honest with each other so we’ve decided that it’s time to tell you something we’ve been noticing. Ready? You know that face you made – or perhaps still make – when you were floundering in a sea of social media and digital marketing stuff that you didn’t understand? You’d been hearing that it was important for your business to “have a presence”online but didn’t know what the heck you were doing and didn’t have time to figure it all out. You just wanted to focus on making your business more awesome. This was that face:

It’s the same face your potential customers make when they are trying to find information Grumpy Manabout you on the web but:

  • They can’t find anything
  • They can only find your social media pages, which they can’t access without logging into an account for said social media site(s) that they may not even have
  • While they were able to find your website, they only found generalized – or worse: outdated – information about your company, such as your mission statement, a summary of your products and services, etc.
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Trust Me: Four Practices for Brands to Be Authentic in a Big Way


Trust Me: Four Practices for Brands to Be Authentic in a Big Way

Young business woman sitting on steps

One of the trendy marketing phrases of our day is, “Be Authentic.” On the surface, this sounds like a flippant call to action, asking brands to simply be themselves. However, brands are not human beings. Yes, they are created by human beings, but while a brand’s identity is as complex as a human’s personality, it is quite different in many ways.

So what is “authenticity” with regards to a brand? According to Dr. Mike Schallehn, a professor at the Cologne Business School, who was quoted in his March 2013 SlideShare presentation, it is “the degree to which brand identity is causally linked to brand behavior.” In layman’s terms, it’s walking the talk.

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Jargon, Buzzwords, and Slang

33 Social Media Buzzwords You Should Know

There are literally thousands of terms, phrases and buzzwords related to the digital marketing and social media industries. With new platforms coming out every day, bringing even more jargon with them, we decided to look into our crystal ball. Do you know what we saw in the future? We saw oceans of eyes glazing over… eyes of business owners… eyes of consumers… eyes of those inflicted with internet addiction… eyes belonging to people who have just discovered the “poke” button on Facebook. Many, many, many eyes.

Naturally, we had to do something… and this is it.

This post contains the definitions for 33 pieces of the jargon that will render your eyes – and your brand’s capacity to effectively reach your leads and customers online – permanently useless should they go on undefined and misunderstood.

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Bueller? Bueller?

dcohn_logoIt may look like we vanished, but no! While our webpage was in transition, we didn’t write many new blog posts — you wouldn’t have been able to see them anyway! We didn’t stop writing about social media and marketing, though. If you have a gander at, you’ll see we write a column called “What’s Up In Social Media with D.?” Any wisdom we’ve been dispensing has been published there. Now that the blog is back, you can expect both! Thank you to Ideas In Motion Media for giving us the opportunity to write such a fun column.

In the meantime, we’ve also added a few professionals to our arsenal of whiz kids. Expect more blogs from Cassie Boehlke and Kristen Sheldon, along with updates about our publications on and around the web.

Thanks for visiting! Drop us an email or a call anytime.

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