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Blackbird Cafe was one of the first clients we worked with after starting D. Cohn Communications. We established a robust social media presence for them, which they now maintain themselves to great success. They now have a thriving social media presence on multiple platforms which serves as their primary marketing tool.

“Social media has been part of blackbird cafe since its inception in 2009. Although we knew it was necessary, we did not really know how it impacted our business. We would look at other cafes’ Facebook pages, browse their followers, and wonder how on earth they got so many people following them. It must be a good thing right?

Maybe not. Followers does not mean busy. Having followers does not translate into dollars. That is until you have a plan, like any part of marketing. We knew what we wanted, who we wanted to reach and how often – Darlene helped us put that into words and actions.

In the two months we have been working with Darlene, we have seen a 200% increase in post views, a 280% increase in page interactions, and 150 new likes. While it is difficult to quantify these increases in actual revenue dollars, we can say that we have seen sales increases of 9% over last year during the same period. Darlene paid for herself in the first week.”

Mary Koselke, Owner





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