Should You Mix Business with Politics?

white houseSince the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, the whole country has been talking about this monumental decision. Nowhere is that more evident than on social media. Unless you live under a rock or have sworn off social media (meaning you probably aren’t reading this blog…), your daily life has been filled with rainbow profile pictures, comments from supporters and dissenters alike, videos of celebrations, and both heated and civil debates. You’ve also no doubt seen public statements from large brands and organizations expressing their support of or displeasure with the ruling. Huge brands such as Target, Ben & Jerry’s, and MasterCard were among the many who very publicly supported the ruling via their social media channels. These public displays of political affection led many business owners and marketers to ask themselves the following question: Is it appropriate for me and my organization to publicly support polarized political or social issues? The answer does not come easily, but we have some questions you should ask yourself before posting the new rainbow version of your logo.

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